Modern physics question – to oppugn the theory of relativity

von Zheng Quan

Modern physics question – to oppugn the theory of relativity
Zheng Quan
[in chines. Sprache]: Acad. Books & Periodicals Pr. 1990.
2000 auf seiner Website (chines.): http//

Quelle: Fu, Yuhua 2005 (Research and challenge), S. 5. [Referat in engl. Spr.]

Die Forschungsgruppe G.O. Mueller referiert in der Ergänzung des Kapitels 4 ihrer Dokumentation zwei Arbeiten von Zheng Quan:

Y. Fu berichtet (S. 5-6), daß ein anderer Autor (Lei, Yuanxing: Space-time is greatly chaotic – critique Einstein’s theory of relativity [in chines. Sprache]. 2001) die näheren Umstände der Veröffentlichung und die wesentlichen Kritikpunkte von Q. Zhengs Buch mitgeteilt hat: „Zheng Quan … in October, 1982 he already completed the book „Modern Physics Question – To Oppugn the Theory of Relativity“, because of the well known reason, delayed to January, 1990 then it can be published by the Academic Books and Periodicals Press.

His main viewpoints in „Modern Physics Question – To Oppugn the Theory of Relativity“ include:

(1) Copernicus’s heliocentric theory underwent the massive facts to examine. Einstein did not reply the question which should be replied, only mention lightly put the Copernicus system and the Ptolemaeus system on the equate position according to the reason that movement merely is relative, that is cannot be compellent.

(2) The formulas of the theory of relativity are not different in a number of ways from Newton, in the point that inertia mass equals gravitational mass also no different, but looked like it had discovered any new thing that Newtonian mechanics had not discovered, unavoidably made one have one kind of feeling to be deliberately mystifying.

(3) The theory of relativity has related the mass addition effect and the space-time variation effect, thus considers the photon’s rest mass is equal to zero. Admits this kind of theory, its result inevitably causes to deny the two laws of conservation of mass and conservation of energy in classical physics, but these two laws denial also is an important reason to cause each kind of divergent opinion.

(4) If the experimental result is that the flying atomic clock walks equally quickly with the ground atomic clock, again the theory of relativity can say this is because that the relative speed of the atomic clocks flying to the east and to the west are the same as the observer’s relative speed. In other words no matter any situation happen, may say the theory of relativity obtained the confirmation. How could makes one believe?

(5) Some people consider the black hole as the confirmation of general theory of relativity, actually black hole only is one kind of celestial body with huge density. It is still difficult to affirm that whether this kind of celestial body exist, even if it exist, certainly could not say it is the confirmation to the general theory of relativity. Because of according to Newtonian mechanics viewpoint, also may obtain the same viewpoint“.

Y. Fu bezeichnet Q. Zhengs Werk als „the first monograph written by the non-physical scholar in our country to comment the theory of relativity“.


Key of theory of relativity
Zheng Quan

 [in chines. Sprache]

Quelle: Fu, Yuhua 2005 (Research and challenge) (Research and challenge), S. 6. [Referat in engl. Spr.]

Y. Fu berichtet (S. 5-6): „Zheng Quan pointed out in „Key of Theory of Relativity“ that, „The theory of relativity has following several key questions:

1st, relative space-time viewpoint is the core viewpoint of the theory of relativity, also is the most argumentative viewpoint. It is based on the two basic principles about light speed obtained from the Michaelson experiment, whether or not these two basic principles can come into existence at the same time, is the most main key.

2nd, Einstein thought on rotating disc the observer is authorized to say the disc is not rotated, the men believed in the theory of relativity probably are not the aliens, whether or not they are authorized to say the Earth is not rotated.

3rd, the theory of relativity thought the photon’s rest mass is equal to zero, the mass may turn into the energy, but tests proved the photon does have the rest mass, how do the men believed in theory of relativity explain.

They except use the reason that the one-way speed of light cannot be observed to carry on the argument for the speed of light question, other questions are avoided to answer. Just use the people’s awe psychology to mathematics to give the men the sacred inviolable impression with the abstract mathematics formula, we should acknowledge that mathematics indeed plays the important role in physics, but also frequently creates the disorder“.

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