My experience to „opposes“ theory of relativity

von Cao Zhang

My experience to „opposes“ theory of relativity
Cao Zhang
2005 [in chines. Sprache]

Quelle: Fu, Yuhua 2005 (Research and challenge), S. 53. [Referat in engl. Spr.]

Die Forschungsgruppe G.O. Mueller referiert in der Ergänzung des Kapitels 4 ihrer Dokumentation diese Arbeit von Cao Zhang:

Y. Fu berichtet (S. 53): „My research content has the following several aspects:

(1) The ether (or vacuum). Einstein’s spatial concept characteristic is: denying the existence of ether, at least does not advocate the introduction of ether. But, the modern physics had proven „the vacuum is not empty“.Only has changed a noun, called the ether as the vacuum. Since the ether (or vacuum) is one kind of objective matter as the background field, the mutual function between ether and moving body should be a research topic. The relativity’s foundation should be reviewed again.

(2) The time definition in physics. In App Physics, many kinds of time definitions has already adopted, for example, local solar time, Greenwich time, chronometer time and so on, in the special theory of relativity, Einstein supposed the one-way speed of light to be invariable, from this has only defined the physics time, this was not incomplete. In physics should allow other time definitions, for example, one kind of time that extends Galileo transformation is worth further studying.

(3) The possible ultra speed of light movement. Recent research indicated that, the mutually affect between gravitational fields has the possibility to be much quicker than the speed of light, the neutrino also possibly is one kind of tachyon. Neutrino certainly is not produced through the acceleration, it possibly is the tachyon once produced as mutually being affected.

(4) Lorentz transformation. Lorentz transformation is not suitable for the gravitational field, even if the local inertia system, Lorentz transformation also has the very big limitation.

(5) Whether or not the big-bang cosmology is correct.

This theory simply does not consider the ether (vacuum) this kind of objective matter. If the photon and the ether have one kind of ultra weak mutual function and wasted power, the cosmology red shift may obtain the explanation.“


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