Big Bang Never Happened

von Eric J. Lerner

Big Bang Never Happened
Eric J. Lerner

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In 1991, my book, the Big Bang Never Happened(Vintage), presented evidence that the Big Bang theory was contradicted by observations and that another approach, plasma cosmology,  which hypothesized a universe without begin or end, far better explained what we know of the cosmos. The book set off a considerable debate. Since then, observations
have only  further confirmed these conclusions, although the Big Bang remains by far the most widely  accepted theory of cosmology.

This website provides an update on the evidence and the debate over the Big Bang,  including the latest technical review  and a reply  to a widely-circulated criticism  as well as a technical  reading list, a report on a recent workshop and links to other relevant sites, including one that described my own work on fusion power, which is closely linked to my work in cosmology.

What is the evidence against the Big Bang?

Light Element Abundances predict contradictory densities

The Big bang theory predicts the density of ordinary matter in the universe from the abundance of a few light elements. Yet the density predictions made on the basis of  the abundance of deuterium, lithium-7 and helium-4 are in contradiction with each other,  and these predictions have grown worse with each new observation. The chance that the  theory is right is now less than one in one hundred trillion.



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