The 100 Year Wrong Turn in Cosmology

von Conspiracy of Light

Aus der Webseite Conspiracy of Light, 2012:

The 100 Year Wrong Turn in Cosmology

This is the story of how the “God is Dead” rationalism of the Victorian era was subverted by the re-introduction of religious thought  into cosmology.  Faced with impending aetheism in scientific philosophy,  man  appears  to have found respite in the universal patterns that the imagination can construe as „divine“. Whether consciously or unconsciously, the the big bang as a concept resembles, as Ratcliffe puts it, the
 „fingerprint of a creator’s initial act“.  The interpretation is so overt that it has entered into the very terminology of the discipline –  the  „fingers of God“, the „pancakes of God“, the „God particle“,  the „moment of creation.“  First penned by a priest,  launched by  a Quaker,  then praised by a Pope,  the religious influence is hard to ignore.  Perhaps in  another  100 years people will laugh at how anyone could have believed  in such a creation tale. But for the moment, here is a time-line of the unfolding controversy.



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