On Physical Time

von Harry H. Ricker III

On Physical Time
Harry H. Ricker III

2010, 17th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference, Long Beach, CA, United States
2010, Time, Space, Motion, Metaphysics, and Natural Philosophy, United States

Abstract: The multiple time conception of Einstein’s relativity is discussed from historical and analytical perspectives. The advantages of a physical conception of time versus a
philosophical conception of time are discussed with the objective of showing that relativity invokes a philosophical conception of time versus a physical one through the ad hoc hypothesis that time can be changed due to high velocity motion. The use of an absolute physical conception of time such as UTC removes the difficulties encountered by the introduction of the ad hoc relativistic theory of time that has its origin in a philosophical confusion regarding time. It is shown that the hypothesis of the existence of multiple times in special relativity is an unnecessary and ultimately contradictory conception of time, that cannot be a physically valid conception.



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