Unified Theory: A Complete Paradigm Shift in Physics & Cosmology

von Rati Ram Sharma

Unified Theory: A Complete Paradigm Shift in Physics & Cosmology
Rati Ram Sharma

Publisher: Lulu Enterprises, Inc., 2010


Unified Theory (UT) replaces Relativity, Quantum, Quark-lepton, Higgs, Supersymmetry, Electroweak, String & Big Bang theories. Light-wave propagates
in all-composing, all-pervading sharmon medium as a kinetic gas. Sharmon comprises +ve positrino & -ve negatrino. UT has two elements (positrino, negatrino), two charges (mass, electric) & two forces (gravitational, electromagnetic). Mainstream has over 200 particles but none is “element”. Cosmino mass is innate, Higgs nonexistent. UT explains bending of light due to gravity, constancy & invariance to source-observer motion of light velocity c, variability of c invalidating Relativity, also wave-quantum unity of light. UT rejects ‚length contraction‘, ‚time dilation‘, uncertainty principle. No fermion or neutron is neutral. In UT’s Non-expanding Universe redshift is caused by non-Doppler depletion of photon energy. This book will revise textbooks of Physics, Cosmology at all levels and may be translated into other languages.

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