The mechanism of Time Dilation, and how it could be an illusion

von Conspiracy of Light

Aus der Webseite Conspiracy of Light, 2012:

The mechanism of Time Dilation, and how it could be an Illusion:

If one considers the classic thought experiment of time dilation, in which a light beam bounces between two mirrors travelling at relativistic speeds, it becomes clear that the time measured by a stationary observer vs. that of a moving observer is different if we rely on the time taken to move from one mirror to the other as the clock for both. From the perspective of the moving observer, the path is much longer, so it takes more time to
reach the mirror. Thus time mathematically is directly inter-convertible with the velocity of light –if the velocity of the moving observer adds or subtracts from the speed of light, rather than being the same for both observers, then time dilation is reduced to a mechanical effect on clocks.



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