A Replication of the Silvertooth Experiment.

von Doug Marett

A Replication of the Silvertooth Experiment.
Doug Marett

In: Conspiracy of Light, 2012

Described herein is a replication of Silvertooth’s experiment of 1986/1992. The analysis starts by re-performing the wavelength difference method described in these two papers and examining the distance required to move a standing wave sensor (SWD)/mirror
system on a translation stage to register a phase inversion. After performing this procedure repeatedly over a number of sessions between June and December 2011, a similar 12 hour pattern of change was seen conforming to the original observation of Silvertooth. The experiment is then repeated using a new method involving measuring the frequency generated at the two sensors using an oscillating stage driven by piezo actuation. Finally, experiments are performed to try to determine the true cause of the diurnal pattern of presumptive wavelength change, focusing on the HeNe laser and its beam pointing stability over time. The final conclusion is that the wavelength of light measured in the system is not changing in a manner dependent on sidereal direction. The cause of this diurnal pattern turns out to be something far more mundane.



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